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Drew Voegele

I am a designer and researcher who has a passion for creating experiences that are engaging, easy to use, powerful, and responsive. My domain interests are in the entertainment and consumer industries.

Currently, I work for Microsoft as a UX researcher in SQL Server working on the next generation of the Cloud. For the last 5 years I’ve been conducting research and design on business intelligence products at Microsoft. Previous to my current position I spent a year as a contractor in Microsoft Games User Research. Throughout the years I’ve designed products as a consultant for various projects from digital yearbook creation tools, to FDA research monitoring software, and an online sustainability market place.


PowerPivot is a business intelligence add-in to Excel targeted for information workers. Through conducting research and design I have achieved in up-leveling the target user by creating sense and respond interactions that take into account the skills of the information worker to automate actions normally done by a more technical user.

mass effect.

Mass Effect is a role-playing video game with the interaction style of a third-person shooter. My role as a researcher informed improvements such as scalable UI, UI in a 3D space, and contextual cover mechanics.

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